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Wood Runes

A set of runes burned onto wood chips with a drawstring bag.

Choose your runic alphabet:

Swedish-Norse (16 runes) - $25
Danish (16 runes) - $25
Germanic (24 runes) - $35
Elder Futhark (24 runes) - $35
Anglo-Saxon Ruthwell (28 runes) - $40
Anglo-Saxon Vienna (28 runes) - $40
Anglo-Saxon Thames (29 runes) - $41
Seax-Wicca (30 runes) - $42

(If you would like a runic alphabet not listed, please feel free to ask about it)

Please specify if you would like the blank rune included in your set.
Add $5 for peeled or decorated sides.

All rune sets come with a drawstring bag. Choose colour, fabric, string type, and string colour. (Velvet and speciality fabrics may cost extra.)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be completed. Items can be shipped (at customer's expense), picked up, or dropped off locally.